Change Your Oil Heating for Electric Heating and Go Green!

Get up to $10 000 in grants when you convert from oil heating to an eligible central heat pump and electric furnace. Take advantage of rapid financial assistance to complete your energy efficiency project thanks to subsidies from the government.

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Efficient and Green Heating

In business since 1981, Enertech is a specialist in the conversion of oil heating towards electricity. Let our experts guide you in your energy transition project thanks to our custom solutions adapted to your specific needs. In addition, our team can help you get a maximum of savings by assisting you in applying for all government subsidies available to you.

Electric Furnace

Smart and Eco-Friendly Choice.

There has never been a better time to replace your oil furnace for an electric system. Using heating oil is expensive, inefficient and harmful to the environment. The process or burning oil releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, contributing to global warming

As of 2030, the city of Montréal plans to ban oil heating entirely on the island in a bid to fight climate change. By converting to a high efficiency electric furnace, you will be making an eco-friendly choice and a budget friendly one.

Electricity is a much cheaper energy source than oil and current government subsidies make it easier than ever to change for an entirely electric system. Let’s make your heating more green and economical.

Central Heat Pump

All Year Round Comfort. Heat and Cool.

Combine a low temperature heat pump with an electric furnace and enjoy all year round comfort with a high performance system.

Heat pumps are the most efficient heating systems available today because they produce 3 to 4 times more heat than they use in electricity. A low temperature heat pump works well up to -25ºC at which point your electric furnace must take over.

During the summer months, the heat pump can be used to cool your home. It perform just as well as air conditioner equivalents and uses the same advanced cooling technologies.

A smart thermostat ensures the right system is working at the right time to maintain your desired level of comfort all year long.



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Whether it’s converting your oil heating, propane or gaz system towards electricity, adding a heat pump to take advantage of bi-energy or simply to make sure your heating system works as it should, our professionals are here to guide you in making the best choice for your living space. Think heating, think Enertech.

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Why Choose Enertech to Convert Your Oil Heating?

When it comes to heating and converting your oil furnace to electricity, Enertech is the solution for your peace of mind this coming winter. We service the entire island of Montreal, Laval, South-Shore and the North-Shore. Working with us means having access to a team of specialists who offer you sound advice, efficient services and guaranteed satisfaction. In addition to a host of benefits…

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